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Our experience with Senior and Executive level roles, coupled with our understanding of the technology sector, means that at ITECCO we understand that the size and scope of the role.

Responsibilities, reporting line, budgets, environment, infrastructure, company/departmental vision and culture, and relationships with internal and external stakeholders are, amongst others, are key drivers in working out what is or isn’t the right opportunity for you.

Senior Technologists are no longer seen as "masters of the basement dungeons" where nobody corporate would dare to enter! In the 21st century, technology is recognised as key to company growth, primary in customer interaction, linked directly to commerciality and having a positive effect on the bottom line.

As such, recruiting for Senior and Executive positions within Technology is a serious business. The management structure for IT departments across different organisations is varied, with typical roles including CIO, Head of IT, IT Director, IT Manager, Helpdesk Manager, Support Manager, Development Manager, Infrastructure Manager, Network Manager and Programme Manager.

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