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​Utilising LinkedIn to land your next role

Despite the economic toll of COVID-19, and the challenging job market that the pandemic has created, three people are getting hired every minute on LinkedIn, and a further 84% of hiring managers are willing to hire people who have lost their job due to the pandemic. We appreciate that starting a job search can be incredibly daunting, especially during this unemployment crisis. Therefore, we have compiled 6 quick tips on how to best utilise the latest features on LinkedIn to help you secure your next role and get noticed by hiring managers and the 95% of recruiters that actively utilise the platform.


1.      Share that you’re open to work! 


Sharing your status is key to your job search. Utilising the #opentowork profile photo frame on your profile signals to the broader community that you are open to new opportunities and increases your likelihood of being contacted by a recruiter 2X which means twice as many job opportunities! By specifying the type of jobs, you are interested in, also further improves your job recommendations which are then tailored to match your job preferences!


2.      Highlight your experience. 


Spotlighting your experience reinforces to profile visitors why you would make a good candidate for a job. Recruiters use keywords and filters to find candidates! Writing a few sentences about your work experience on your profile enables you to appear higher in search results which in turn increases your chances of being noticed and contacted by a recruiter.


3.      Spotlight your skills.


87% of recruiters believe skills are a crucial factor when screening candidates. To increase your chances of being discovered by a recruiter, list your skills that apply to the type of job you’re looking for. Mapping these skills to the roles you are looking for means your skills will match the keywords that recruiters will be using to search for suitable candidates.


4.      Utilise the power of your professional network. 


Your connections or mutual connections can be the key to landing your next job. An astonishing 70% of people get hired at a company where they have a connection. Increase your participation by growing your network, connecting with people, and joining discussions in your desired industry. Utilising these opportunities will help you in your job search.


5.      Prep for interviews.  


Take advantage of features that are not Widley known. Utilise the LinkedIn interview prep tools to improve your interview skills. With virtual interviews here for the foreseeable, these tools can help you prep and practice answers to the most asked interview questions for in-demand jobs, increasing your chances of securing the most sought-after jobs.


6.      Further your skills to increase your employability.  


Learn skills related to the most in-demand jobs to increase your chances of getting hired. Candidates who complete LinkedIn skills assessments and display the badges on their profiles are 20% more likely to get hired than those who do not. LinkedIn has added more skills assessments so candidates can showcase their skill competence on their profiles.


Good luck with your job search!