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Top qualities to look for in an employer

1.       Company culture /values

Most employers prioritise cultural fit when interviewing candidates, so this should be at the top of your list too.

Company culture is a key part of overall job satisfaction and success, so consider the kind of environment you feel most comfortable in.

Before you sign that offer letter consider if the companies values align with yours and if the team members are people you would genuinely love to work with.

2.       Learning opportunities

Learning opportunities are important no matter what position you’re applying for.

Finding an organisation that facilitates your learning is key to career development.

Make sure to discuss this with your potential employers to establish your intensions and impress them with your ambitions.


3.       Company Reputation and employee reviews

A company’s reputation and employee reviews are a good representation of whether it’s a good company to work for or not.

Be sure to research the company to establish its reputation and this will help you determine if it’s a good company to work for or not.

Good sources for assessing a companies reputation are Glassdoor and Google reviews. This will help determine if all the above points are true of the company.


4.       Growth opportunities

As a candidate you need to know that there is going to be room for you to grow within the company, and that the company will assist in the development of your career.

It is important to establish your intensions regarding growth opportunities clearly to your next employer from the offset of your interactions.

Ensure that your ambitions align with the opportunities that the employer can offer you, whether that’s reaching managerial positions or taking smaller short-term steps to progress.